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Student alumni are an essential part of any educational institution's legacy. They exemplify the institution's dedication to nurturing talent and preparing individuals for the challenges of the real world. Through their achievements and contributions, student alumni continue to inspire and motivate current students, creating a strong and vibrant community that stands the test of time. Join our student alumni tracer study for year 2023!

Studying at UIN Jakarta Informatics Engineering is as cool and inspiring as any other IT campus. I am really grateful to study here, especially because the lecturers are relaxed and fun, making communication comfortable.
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Muhammad Arya Dhika UI/UX Designer
UIN Jakarta's Informatics Engineering Program gave me the skills and knowledge I need to succeed in the tech industry. I've learned so much from my lecturers and made lifelong friends along the way. 
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Muhammad Aqil Pratama Android Developer
Koin Works
Graduating from Informatics Engineering, UIN Jakarta has made me to be a person that can build up my confidence, knowledge and network with great lecturers and friends. The environment is quite good.
Mumti Hany Farisa Software Quality Assurance
Bank Mega

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