Best Paper 2019- 2022

Best Paper

Resisca Audia Deyani angkatan 20132019Best Paper CITSM 2019 Judul Paper
The CryptoCurrency Simulation Using Elliptic Curve
Cryptography Algorithm in Normal, Failed and
Fake Bitcoin Transactions
Alam Wahyu Hutomo angaktan 20172020Best Paper & Presenter at International Conference on Informatics, Multimedia, Cyber, and Information System (ICIMCIS 2020)
1Muhammad Fadhli Dzil Ikram Lubis2017Best Paper CITSM 20222022Judul : Prophet Model Performance Analysis for
Jakarta Air Quality Forecasting
2Mutia Salsabila2018Best Paper CITSM 20222022Judul : Combining PCA and SMOTE for Software
Defect Prediction with Visual analytics

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